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#1 Rated Google Ads PPC Agency & Google Ads PPC Management

Improve Your Paid Search ROI With Expert Google Ads PPC Management Services

Work with a team of senior Google Ads PPC specialists to Maximize the ROI of every ad click & Eliminate wasteful ad spend.

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Partner
Meet Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Founder and Google Ads Expert

Launch Google Ads that qualified leads are ready to see and eager to click wherever they are in your sales funnel.

Data-Driven Approach

We will set you up with Google Analytics, Google Ads conversion tracking, and call tracking. In this way we can base your campaigns on real and reliable data that’s important to your business.

Intelligent Targeting

Our Google Ads PPC Management services rely on a range of targeting techniques to identify your most valuable customers and deliver ads to them at the right times. Our remarketing campaigns will keep your audience coming back after they’ve visited your website.


We discuss strategy and results based on your Google Analytics that showcases your website stats. We also send emails with performance reports on a schedule that meets your needs.

#1 Rated Google Ads Agency and Google Ads Management

Get In Front Of Your Customers

  • Appear at the top of Google search results with a targeted advertising Google Ad strategy, designed to attract local customers to your specific services.
  • We’ll help you establish a prominent web presence to improve your search result rankings, and reach more customers across the web.
  • Leverage our Google Ads PPC advertising solutions for immediate exposure and increased site visits with prominent ads at the top of Google search results
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Artificial intelligence and Marketing Automation Consultant

Attract and Convert Prospects With Data Driven Engagement

Know your audience and where to connect with them

Great marketing starts with understanding and segmenting your market. Marketo Engage provides the data environment and the easy-to-use tools you need to target the right people and right accounts from the start.

  • Holistic view of prospect, customer, & engagement data
  • Account & contact discovery, plus target prioritization
  • Intelligent segmentation & predictive audiences

Make it meaningful and impactful by getting personal

In the battle for people’s attention, personalization is a must. If content isn’t engaging, timely, and relevant, they’ll tune out. Marketo Engage helps you deliver the perfect messages and offers in real time.

  • Integrated asset library & content performance analytics
  • AI-powered content suggestions & channel placement
  • A/B/n testing & anonymous web visitor personalization

Meet your customers where they are

With multiple channels and devices, today’s buyer journey is a little complicated. So, what if you could communicate consistently across a broad range of traditional and emerging methods? Marketo Engage does just that through strong native capabilities paired with an unequaled menu of partner integrations.

  • Digital channels include e-mail, websites, webinars, SEO, paid media, social, and SMS
  • Offline channels include events, direct mail, and sales outbounding.

Build and manage campaigns that are personalized for your buyers

Limited time and resources? Marketo Engage provides the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. This way, you can engage more prospects faster with great campaigns that get results.

  • Campaign design for real-world, non-linear buyer journeys
  • Campaign cloning
  • Campaign analytics so you know what’s working & what’s not

Know your audience and where to connect with them

It could take dozens of cross-channel touchpoints to achieve your objectives. Marketo Engage lets you automate dynamic sequences based on behavior or other triggers.

  • An array of triggers to automate your marketing
  • Person & account engagement scoring to track process & prompt next steps
  • Automate personalization to deliver a great experience

Every investment. Maximum impact

Marketing is taking its seat at the revenue table and driving growth. Marketo Engage provides the perfect set of dashboards, reports and analytics to help you measure and optimize performance.

  • Customer engagement & content insights
  • Customer journey, demand funnel, & ABM
  • Industry-leading marketing attribution
CLIENT REviews From Google REveiws

Featured Client
Success Review

“We have loved working with Brandon Lincoln.They have been so amazing to help grow our business with Google Ads.They are very good at keeping you in the loop on how all of our ads are performing and showing us our exact return. We have seen great results because of their online marketing. I love that they are continually looking at our google analytics and tweaking things to make the best use of our budget. I'd highly recommend Brandon Lincoln”

“Brandon Lincoln is straightforward to work with, very professional, and they are committed to making you money online. It is refreshing to work with Brandon Lincoln Hendricks directly and he serves as wise consultant. I have never met anyone with a better understanding of digital marketing than Brandon.I highly recommend!”

“The task of finding a competent and reliable marketing company can, at times, be daunting. Thankfully for my company and not so much for my competitors, I found Brandon Lincoln Hendricks and Brandon Lincoln. Not only has Brandon exceeded expectations but we've also been placed within the top two searches of some highly competitive keywords. Brandon is always available and very attentive to all of our concerns. On behalf of my company we highly recommend the Brandon Lincoln Hendricks and the Brandon Lincoln Team to everyone except our competition”