Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant - 3 Main Elements of a Google Ads Search Campaign
Google Ads
July 27, 2021

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Fail Using Google Ads

Google Ads can be a great tool for businesses to reach their target audience, but it's not always easy. Many small businesses fail using Google Ads because they don't know how to properly set up and manage an account. This blog post will teach you the top 3 reasons why companies fail with Google Ads. Let's get started!

1. No Landing Page or Landing Page Not Matching Ad

The first page a web visitor will land on after clicking your Google Ad is your landing page. A landing page is a vital part of your Google Ads campaign, and a good one can instantly increase your leads from Google Ads. Recently I clicked on an ad for a roofing company. You would think that would lead me to a site about roofing services, but instead, their home page was all about home remolding. That’s not what I was looking for. Not only was the homepage not appealing, but it was also hard for me to find any information on roofing services. When I finally found the page on the site about roofing, it was one paragraph that said they also provide roofing services (That did not make me feel confident enough to move on with their services). Not having a dedicated landing page is a mistake. The estimated local business website converts somewhere between 4-6 percent. A great landing page can easily convert to 2-3 times more. Even if we suppose that it only converts 8 percent vs 4 percent you would double the number of leads for the same money spent! That means for every $1,000 you spend, instead of getting 40 leads, you’re now getting 80. This could get a business to profitability and avoid extinction.

2. No Conversion Tracking

I have noticed that 50 - 60 percent of the leads for our Google Ads local business clients come from a phone call. In general,  a phone call is a hot lead, meaning the intent to move through the sale cycle tends to be higher than form submission on the website. If you’re not tracking call conversions, then you’re missing out on not only 50 percent to 60 percent of your leads, but also the leads with the highest intent to complete the sale. Not tracking calls means that you’re will not be able to optimize your Google Ads to scale. The worst thing is to spend money on bad clicks. If you are not accurately tracking your conversions, then even the good clicks are bad clicks because you can not separate the two for optimization. You can waste a lot of money by not tracking your conversions, offline conversions included.

3. Horrible Campaign Setup

With the number of resources now available, it is surprising that bad campaign structures still exist. When performing Google Ads Audits I come across more and more campaigns that are set up poorly. Recently l came across a Google Search and Google Display campaign in the same campaign. These are different marketing strategies with different marketing objectives, and they should never be combined in a single campaign. Set yourself up for success with a solid Google Ads campaign structure.