Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant - 3 Main Elements of a Google Ads Search Campaign
Google Ads
July 15, 2021

The Psychology Behind a Google Search

When building your Google Ads campaign keep in mind the mental framework that is involved with people searching Google. Before the user even types a word into Goole search they are met with a need, desire, or curiosity for information. At this very moment, this represents the most important thing to the searcher. This need, desire, or curiosity for information leads them to type a particular search query into Google. 

Here is the most essential part - The closer your Google Ads headline and descriptions mimic what the user is typing is more likely you are to get a click. To go more in-depth of a successful strategy, the closer the words and messaging match on your landing page matches the words on your ad, that match the search query of the searcher the more likely you will get the desired conversion. This is the reason your Google Ads account should be segmented for different searches, ads, and landing pages. 

Remember the attention span of people is fleeting. If they have searched for a used Jaguar Car and they land on your entire fleet of new Toyotas, they will not search your website to find a used Jaguar. They will simply click exit and jump back in the search results and click on another website. Successful Google Ad Marketers do the work for the searchers. In Google Ads, segmentation is where you group closely related keywords and ads together so you can show searchers the most relevant ads when they search. You control this in Google Ads by using ad groups. Ad groups are how you ensure that the searcher looking for “used Jaguars” on Google sees an ad for your dealership that specifically mentions used jaguars in the ad copy.