Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant - 3 Main Elements of a Google Ads Search Campaign
Google Ads
July 12, 2021

The 3 Keys To Generating High Quality Leads at Scale with Google Ads

The 3 Keys To Generating High Quality Leads at Scale with Google Ads.

Automation performs best when you close the loop on how the leads performed. First, tell Google Ads how these leads performed in your sales funnel using offline conversion import bid strategies like Target CPA and target ROAS, last use that conversion data along with auction time signals to acquire qualified leads, including each conversion value in your uploads enables maximize conversion value and target ROAs bidding to generate leads, that may be more valuable to your business.

Second, use first-party data. This is any data you collect directly from your customers (with their consent in the course) of your interactions with them. You can securely and privately share this information, such as the list of customers who filled out a lead form. Google Ads can then work on your behalf to connect with these customers, and others like them using solutions like Customer Match.

Third, is capturing the lead, while the prospect is still in the consideration phase. Using both call ads and lead form extensions helps you connect with potential customers directly from your ad, often while they're still deciding on their options. The lead form extensions help you drive high-quality leads across Search, YouTube, discovery, and display ads inventory. They also help you improve performance. To further qualify the leads use conditional fields. These let you ask follow-up questions in your lead form based on previous answers. This can help your sales team prioritize where they are in the Sales Journey.