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August 11, 2020

How to Target Google Ads audiences based on predicted purchase and churn metrics in Google Analytics

Most of your customers online are flooded continuously with numerous competing priorities at any given time. It is crucial then that you ensure that your advertisements are informative and customized to meet your target audience’s specific needs. It will help if you put as much emphasis on attracting traffic to your business and retain your customers through repeat sales.

To do this, you need critical information on your customer’s purchasing habits, interests, and general search intentions. This would not have been an easy fit in the past, but luckily, you have tools within your reach to help you achieve this and convert website visits into valuable leads. Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics software that offers you information and resources that you can utilize to reach your target audiences and help predict future spending habits. Below are ways in which you can use it to grow your business:

Anticipate Your Client’s Needs

Google Analytics automatically takes digital records of your clients’ behavior while on your website. You get information on traffic into not only your site but also other habits such as how long they spent on each page and whether they made a purchase. This is a brilliant way of using previous behavior to predict future purchasing habits or lack thereof.

Repeat purchase ratio, for instance, is an excellent metric that informs you of the loyalty your clients have for your brand. It measures the number of customers who have come back to buy the same product or service and provides you with an opportunity to design your Google Ad campaign to meet their specific needs. You stand a better chance of converting visits to sales by targeting loyal customers with specific offers and discounts that reward this loyalty.

Geo-location Targeting

Targeting your clients based on their location about your business is one of the most effective ways to run your Google Ads to maximize sales conversion. Since you are spending money on advertising, it is in the best interest of your business to run your advertising campaigns. Identify locations where you are most likely to get the right clients, by studying the reports on where the clients who visited your site in the previous months or weeks live.

Determine who among them ended up buying from you; this will help inform your decision on which location to choose when designing your ad campaigns. You can achieve favorable results by advertising your products locally if that is where most of your clientele is as opposed to advertising overseas without a direct result in sales or return on investments.

Audience Targeting

Analyzing information on who among your site visitors is more likely to buy your product or service will enable you to target a specific audience through your advertising and increase your conversion rate to actual sales. These analytics offers you previous purchasing habits of your potential clients, which you can utilize to come up with Google Ads tailored to specific audiences.

Information on people searching similar products to yours and that of people who have interacted with your businesses before can help. You can decide on how to carry out re-marketing campaigns to ensure you achieve repeat sales and improve customer loyalty.

Device-based Targeting

It is essential to know which devices are used mostly by your past and potential clients to customize your website to be more responsive to these particular devices. The shift in recent times has been towards mobile devices as most of Google searches are done on smartphones and tablets. It is critical to creating a clear and easily accessible user interface on the devices that bring you the most traffic instead of being limited to the desktop.

Similarly, clients are more likely to make repeat purchases on your brand if you have made it easy for them to interact with your business. Given this information, customize your Google adverts to enable clients to make an order or call for more info only by a single click.

For example, analytics on the churn rate, which is simply the rate at which customers stop doing business with you, can offer great insight into the areas in your business that need improvement. If upon calling your business, for instance, the calls go unanswered or are dropped continuously, there are high chances that you may lose those clients. It is advisable to have a dedicated team to attend to clients’ calls resulting from advertising to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Demand-based Targeting

Apart from offering you information on your clients’ general purchasing habits, these Analytics are quite useful in determining the time between purchases. You will find gainful details regarding how long it takes, on average, for a specific client to buy from you again.

You can then utilize this information to roll out your ad campaigns periodically, depending on when a particular audience is most likely to spend money on your product or service. This has been proven useful, especially on recurring expenditures such as those that are subscription-based because you can aim to run your ads when your customers are most likely to make a purchase.

Demographic-based Targeting

Beyond your potential clients’ age and location, you can tailor-make your Ads campaigns based on a combination of two or more demographic attributes. In case your purchase metrics are high among a younger demographic using smartphones but show a decline among the older generation that mostly use desktops, you can make separate Google Ads based on products that meet these unique combinations of attributes. Churn metrics will also advise you on whether there is a need to improve or change your products to meet the needs of your targeted demographics.


Your businesses’ growth depends on your ability to attract customers and ensure that they come back again and again. Therefore, you need to stay visible and relevant so that you remain a constant topic of conversation among your clients. This way, they are more likely to refer you to their friends and acquaintances. Google Adverts makes it easier to reach them. At the same time, Google Analytics will enable you to predict your customer’s future spending habits and customize your products or services to be ready for change.