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July 7, 2021

How To Maximize ROI by Using the Performance Planner in Google Ads

The Performance planner is a tool that lets you create plans for your advertising spend and see how changes to your campaigns might affect key performance metrics and overall performance. Performance planner can help you answer questions like, How will my campaigns perform if I increase advertising spend next quarter. What can I do to take advantage of future seasonal periods, and how can I increase conversions while maintaining my target Cost Per Acquisition. 

In this article, you will learn how to use the performance planner to plan for future periods and forecast peak bids and budgets. This will allow you to grow your existing Google Ads campaigns within your target ROI and determine your marketing ad spend with Google ads.

Let's Get Started

  1. In Google Ads at the top look for “ Tools and Settings”
  2. Select Performance Planner
  3. Click the + button to create a new plan
  4. Select the campaign or campaigns you would like to include in your plan. ( If choosing multiple choose the one’s that driving towards the same goal)
  5. Select the date range in the future, (you can plan your performance for the next month, quarter, or year, 
  6. Then select a key metric, you can forecast and optimize for clicks conversions, or conversion value.
  7. Click Create a plan on the forecast graph, (the gray dot represents your forecasted performance using your current campaign settings, and the blue dot, that represents your forecasted performance using your plan settings)
  8. Click improve the plan to forecast performance using optimal bid and budget recommendations

The Performance planner will reallocate spends across campaigns to maximize conversions at no additional investment from you and optimize for incremental conversions while maintaining your key target metric, and allow you to click around in the graph to explore how different spend scenarios could affect your performance of your campaigns,

To provide the most accurate forecast possible performance planner takes into account, billions of search queries and considers variables like seasonality and competitor activity, and uses machine learning to fine-tune the forecast. 

You can use the performance planner to get forecasts, however, changes will not take place in your Google Ads accounts, unless you implement them by downloading the file and uploading it via Google Ads Editor. 

If you would like for me to record a video in real-time using the Performance Planner please let me know and I will create a post with a video link. 

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