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July 29, 2021

4 Ways to Spy On Your Competitors

When you’re researching your competitors, it might not be just a matter of spying. It could also turn into some serious pro-active marketing strategies to keep ahead of the game! Whether they are running ads similar or different from yours in this digital age is up for debate - but what isn't debatable is that with all those eyeballs and attention spans on screens these days, knowing how others compete will give you an edge over them when advertising yourself. If they're doing the same thing as you then why should one side have more information?


1. What Are They Doing On Socials?

An obvious and free option but many businesses seldom know what their competitors are doing on socials. Follow your competitors on social media, sign up for their newsletters, and read their blogs. Make note of the type of content they’re sharing, how often, and what gets the most engagement. 

2.Just Google Them

Search for competitors on Google. Search for standard industry keywords. What are your competitors using in their ad copy? Which competitors show up for certain search queries and keywords names and common industry keywords on Google. One thing I love to see is if and when they are remarketing. I should see their ads in 1-3 days after web visits. 

3. Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library allows you to see the ads your competitors are running. It allows you to see the current ads they are running and the previous ads they ran. Take a look at the design, look at the ad copy, and read the description. 

4. What are Their Keywords?

I love to use tools like SpyFu and SEMrush. I use SpyFu more for PPC competitor tracking to see which keywords competitors are paying for but also to see estimations on how much they are spending. I use SEMRush for SEO and possible new backlink opportunities. I love to use both when doing competitors research for our clients to make sure they are winning and find potential opportunities to gain market share.