Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant - 3 Main Elements of a Google Ads Search Campaign
Google Ads
June 29, 2021

3 Main Elements of a Google Ads PPC Search Campaign

Google Ads are a powerful advertising tool, I would even say Google Ads Search Campaigns are the most effective advertising tool created ( Of course I am biased). But it is a fact that Google is the most-used search engine on earth!

It can be challenging to get started using Google Ads Search Campaigns if you have not created a campaign before. In this post, I will break down the three fundamental elements that me of a Google Ads Search Campaign.

Your Message

The key is figuring out what your prospects are looking for. The key to figuring it out is finding the intent of the searcher, and then tailoring your advertisement copy accordingly. Questions to ask yourself are; Why are they searching on Google right now? What do they hope to find at this moment? What do they hope to find in the ads that show up next to their search results.? Answering these questions would allow you to create copy that resonates with your prospects.


Here is where you tell Google who should see your Google ad. Personalizing your ads can be done by targeting specific keywords. When you bid for keywords you are targeting the people that are searching for similar keywords or phrases.


A bid is a straightforward way of telling Google how much you are wanting to pay for a prospect to click on your ad. The best way to think of a bid is like an auction. You are bidding for real estate in Google Search Results.

As the world is now fully digital, investing in digital marketing is crucial to capture your market. With a clear strategy in place and an experienced partner on your side, you will finally be able to enjoy a strong online presence that leads to you reaching your business goals.

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