Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - Google Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant - 3 Main Elements of a Google Ads Search Campaign
Google Ads
June 30, 2021

3 Google Ads Bidding Strategies to Avoid

When using Google Ads, choosing the right bidding strategy can aid in helping you reach your business goals. With that being said choosing the wrong bidding strategy can not only get you further from your business goals but cause you to lose a massive amount of money. Below I will discuss the bidding strategies to avoid using when running your Google Ads campaign.

#1 Maximize Clicks

This was first for a reason! With this bidding strategy, Google automatically will adjust your bids to maximize the number of clicks your ads get. Remember this is Pay Per Click (PPC) and each time a user clicks your ad you are charged. Keep in mind the goal of ad spend is to generate conversions not clicks. At the end of the month, I would hate for you to see your ad budget emptied without an ROI.

#2 Target Outranking Share.

This particular strategy works by you choosing a website's URL, in most cases your competitors. Although this may seem like a strategic way to steal potential visitors from your competitor there is no assurance you’ll rank above your competitor. This is dependent on how much your competitor is willing to bid on their name. If your competition is bidding high, you will end up spending far more than it is worth. Although not a terrible strategy, beginners and smaller marketing budgets should steer clear of this tactic.

#3 Target Impression Share.

This strategy is for businesses that simply want to see their ad on the top of the page. Google will automatically adjust your bid based on whether you indicate you’re looking to get onto the first page of the google search results or to the very top of the google search results. Going after the ‘outright top’ impression share targeting on Google Ads doesn’t make sense unless you have favorable margins. You are likely to get a few more clicks but you may be sacrificing your conversion rates.

As the world is now fully digital, investing in digital marketing is crucial to capture your market. With a clear strategy in place and an experienced Google Partner on your side, you will finally be able to enjoy a strong online presence that leads to you reaching your business goals.

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